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Flow Meter with Air Check Valve (L.C Model) / (M-50)

Manufacturer: Koeo
Spare Parts: available for 10 years and more.
Warranty: starting from 1 year.

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1. Size: 2″
2.Flow rate: 55-550 L/min
3.With Air Check Valve (Eliminates Air Counting). 4.Accuracy: ±0.2%
5.Pressure: 10 bar
6.Volume: 0.681 L
7. Temperature: – 30o C → + 70o C
8. With Outlet Air Check Valve + strainer + JSQ-2 Mechanical counter.
9.Self-contained operation without electrical power or signal conditioning (for units equipped with mechanical registers, printers or presets); no special piping requirements.
10. Weights & Measures approval (world-wide) for custody transfer with mechanical or electronic registration systems meeting API standards.
11. Accessories designed and approved to Class 1 Div. 2 standards.

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Length= 68 cm, Width= 50 c m, Depth= 42 cm

Suitable for:

Diesel, Kerosene


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