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Gravity Unloading Flow Meter (T-80)

Spare Parts: available for 10 years and more.
Warranty: starting from 1 year.

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1. Size: 3″
2.Flow rate: 130-1300 L/min
3.Battery: Lithium (2 years’ life span)
4.Accuracy: ±0.2%
5.Pressure: 0.5 MPA
6.Temperature: – 25o C → + 55o C
7. Electronic calculator is fitted with a large LCD (7-digits)
and show the product type, temperature, flow volume,
flow speed.
8. Water & dust proof screen.
9.Explosion-proof Grade (EX ia II BT4 Ga).
10. Protection Grade (IP67).
11. 3 flow sensors, 1 temperature sensor, V20 and V15 Double temperature compensation, & Patent flow measurement Calculation formula.
12. Device calibration, Password and Seal Lock double protection, & Calibration of Multi-points.
13. BluetoothandAppSupport,Bluetoothwirelessdata transmission, Measurement data download and send to mailbox.
14. App supports windows, android, Apple ISO, WeChat micro software/cloud storage: (Export Excel and PDF format report & Safety.
15. Automatic Pressure relief valve, ensure the operation safety.

Additional information


Length=20.5 cm, Width=20 cm, Depth=20cm


6 Kg

Suitable for:

Diesel, Kerosene, Gasoline, Ethanol
Gasoline, & other oil products.


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