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Complete Equipments for Fuel Stations & Petroleum Distribution companies.

Wahhab Trading Company has been in the market since 1958, with a wide range of services throughout the years, our one and only goal is to keep our customers’ satisfaction level at high grounds, and this is what we really do!

If it ain’t for the sacrifices and wholehearted efforts of our 20+ team members from electricians to sales reps and managers, our success throughout the years would have gone in vain, yet on the contrary, our success has gained us reputation internationally and locally…

Feel free to browse through our services to learn more about how we can help You build Your dream Petroleum Business…

We Help Make Your Vision Tangible


Provide a wide range of products from pumps, dispensers, mechanical & electronic meters and much more!

Fuel Station Design

Provide a modern and sophisticated design for the Fuel Station including Umbrellas that suit the customer’s requirements.


Provide the entire technical and financial consultancy for the establishment of fuel station.

After Sales Service

Through a specialized team, provide all the necessary technical services from regular maintenance, repair and training.

State of the Art Station Equipment

Wide range of high quality fuel dispensers in a variety of designs, and winning international quality certificates from the best laboratories to meet the entire customers’ requirements.

Wide range of high quality industrial petroleum pumps and meters in a variety of designs, and winning international quality certificates from the best laboratories, used to pump and count petroleum and petrochemical materials, and include (High capacity fuel dispensers – Diesel distribution trucks equipments – equipments of factories that use petroleum products)

State of the Art Mechanics & Electrical installations

Installation of underground tanks and supplies them with necessary sanitary connection networks with the installation of fuel dispensers and supplies them with the whole necessary electrical & mechanical connections…