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Electronic Quantitative OGM / OGM-50Q

Spare Parts: available for 10 years and more.
Warranty: starting from 1 year.

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  1. Size: 2″
  2. Flow Rate: 30-300 L/min
  3. Accuracy:±0.5%
  4. Voltage: 12 V-DC & 220 V-AC
  5. Temperature: -20° C→ +70° C
  6. Pressure: 18 Bar
  7. Can be used either in-line on hoses, or on the nozzle, for instantaneous measuring of the fluid dispensed.
  8. High security: Owinghighlead,this pump takes the advantage of vehicle-counted battery to high speed refueling and uses the high-accuracy filter to satisfy the motor. In this way, it can protect your equipment effectively.
  9. Electronic reset function, high accuracy, rubber protection, an adjustable unit of measurement, and double totalizer.

Additional information


Length=20 cm, Width=16 cm, Depth=15cm

Suitable for:

Diesel, Oils


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