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Mechanical Skid Set / M/W Skid-80

Manufacturer: Koeo

Spare Parts: available for 10 years and more.

Warranty: starting from 1 year.

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1. Pumping Units: Blackmer Model (3″)
2.Flow Meters: L.C Model (3″)
3.Electric Motors: 10 HP, 3Ph
4.Flow Rate: 750-900L/min
5.EX Electric Box: ExdeIIBT4
6.All equipment is Explosion Proof.
7. Outlet Air Eliminator with collection with hose 3⁄4”.
8. Special base for leakage with valve 3⁄4”.
9.Air check valve on the outlet to ensure that the skid don’t count air.
10. Horizontal (swing) Check valve (one-way-valve) on the outlet of the pumping unit.
11. Big wheels.
12. EX industrial switch 3PH.

Additional information


Length= 136 cm, Width= 125 cm, Depth= 75 cm

Suitable for

Gasoline, Diesel


555 Kg


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