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EX-Proof Fuel Transfer Pump / EX-75

Manufacturer: Piusi

Spare Parts: available for 10 years and more.

Warranty: starting from 1 year.

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1. Size: 1″
2.Flow Rate: 75 L/min
3.Speed: 2,700 rpm
4.Power: 240 W
5.Current: 20A
6.Voltage: DC 12 V
7. Compact and sturdy design.
8.Flanged components.
9.Anti-noise filter.
10.Thermal protection.
11.Suction unit with integrated filter (drum version).

Additional information


Length=34cm, Width=28.5cm, Depth=22.5cm

Suitable for

Diesel, Gasoline, and Kerosene


8 Kg


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