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Automation System



Handling equipment and distinct and dynamic programs which enable the owner of the station and through the computer screen in his office, full control of:

Sales and movement of fuel in safe and accurate ways.

These programs are adjustable in proportion to the station’s and the customer's needs.


  • Complete automation without the intervention of the human hand (no possibility of error).
  • Work by several definition of customer tools, as the smart card and vehicle identification system, through wired and wireless interfaces.
  • Cancel Cash trading in the fund of companies dealing with these systems.
  • Stop the manipulation of metering quantities through calibration of pumps and minute packing receipts, and the abolition of the monetary circulation in the hands of drivers, thus, reduces waste, saves time and raises profitability value.
  • Possibility of being linked with POS Sale Systems to keep pace with modern service facilities, that include selling centers, car wash, and cafes etc…
  • Unlimited number of users of the station.
  • Detailed reports for all processes daily, weekly, annual and seasonal.
  • Save the information in a SQL database.
  • Warning alerts special for running and overflowing of fuel from tanks and extension tubes.